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Collin County Bail Bonds is a premier provider of bail bond services to all Collin County cities in the state of Texas. Recognized as a leading company in this industry, Collin County Bail Bonds has been assisting hundreds of customers with bail bond services or legal defense by former Associate Judge, Gene R. Beaty. As an attorney licensed in Texas in 1971, Gene Beaty combines 40 years of intelligent, aggressive and ethical legal representation with fast, professional and confidential client communication and services. Using the latest technology and cost-effective business practices, our company is dedicated to guiding you, your family and your friends through this difficult time.

At Collin County Bail Bonds, we are here to assist those who want an experienced criminal lawyer to ensure quality service and professional jail release. We believe that every person deserves the opportunity for help in a time of need and we are the ones to call! Our mission is to make the bail bond process as easy as possible for you and your loved ones. We fulfill this mission with our commitment to each client to assure that you are treated fairly by the judicial system with the highest quality services and professionalism in a non-judgemental manner. Each client is thoroughly listened to, communicated with and treated with the utmost integrity and respect.

Our three step process is designed to simplify the trial and legal procedures associated with bail bonding. Below are the right steps for these situations:

  1. Call us at 972-992-0234. Provide us with the name of your loved one, the charges and the jail name.
  2. Arrange a debit or credit payment through our online form or pay with cash.
  3. Complete required documentation to secure the bail bond.
If it's time for you to take the next step, please consider Collin County Bail Bonds for your defense!
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Affordable Bail Bonds

Fast, Easy, Trusted & Affordable CALL 972-992-0234

            Have you or your loved one been arrested or is there a warrant for their arrest?  They are now behind bars or will be soon.  You want to get them out ASAP and we can help make it easier and cheaper. More importantly, we do it in a way that is more professional and we take the necessary steps to better protect your loved one. 

 First things first, take a deep breath and relax a little; nothing is going to happen in the next three minutes.

Call us to help you determine where they are being held - either the county jail or the city jail

            Where is your loved one?  They could be in the Garland jail or perhaps another jail.  In order to find out how much their bail bond is, you will have to call the jail or the county courthouse. If you have all the pertinent information, including name, address and date of birth, then they will be able to let you know the bail bond amount.
             The next step: a bail bond amount must be determined either through a preset bail bond amount schedule or a magistrate judge. In some cases, the bail bond is set and posted, or your loved one must stay in jail until trial.  So, it is necessary to find out if a bail bond amount has been set.
Realize this: you are at a disadvantage trying to do what needs to be done on your own.  
If you are not ready to help them right then and there, the opportunity is lost.
Wouldn't it be a big load off your mind to have some guidance?  Someone there will answer all of your questions about bail bonds.
 Don’t go to the yellow pages to search for a bail bond company. Stop your search right now, and hire an attorney for the same price as a bail bondsman. Hire someone who has the experience to help you with an immigration bail bond or a federal bail bond, if needed.  Let my office answer your bail bond questions.
 You deserve some professional advice.  In this situation, professional advice is something that really works in your favor and gives you peace of mind.  Professional advice is what we offer, when providing bail bond information.
You've never been in this situation before. 
You don't know what to expect next.
But, isn't it nice to know, that there are people who handle this kind of situation on a daily basis.  Someone who can handle bail bonds in Texas, answers your bail bond questions, and provides adequate legal representation.

People get into trouble.  It happens. 
 Choose the most cost effective solution instead of browsing through Google or the yellow pages for a bail bond service.  Choose someone with experience with bail and Writ bonds; someone who has experience with immigration bail bonds and federal bail bonds also.
All you want to do is get them out of trouble, get them out of jail, and home safely and quickly.
§  Identify the person in jail – provide us with what you know and we go from there.
§  We need full name, date of birth and name of jail - as much as you know.
§  We need your contact information on you so that we can keep in touch with you.
§  Contact the Jail
§  Confirm that your loved one is there in that particular jail.
§  Has a bond been set and, if so, what amount.
§  Secure details required to get them released.
§  Call you back to tell you what options are available  
§  Can a cash or surety bail bond be posted immediately?
§  Does an attorney need to post a writ to get a bail bond amount set?
§  Provide you with the information that you need to get them out of jail as soon as possible.
§  Arrange financing
§  We take Credit/Debit cards over the phone.
§  We make payment plans as needed.
§  Legal Representation begins immediately
§  We begin collecting information that could prove vital to your loved one’s defense.
§  We arrange to interview the citizen accused to fully understand the charges against them.
§  We arrange a conference within a few days of release from jail to determine what investigation needs to be done.
Help is available.  Let a competent, experienced professional guide you through the bail bond process.     
            Our attorney advises and assists you in selecting the best value for you to get your loved one out of jail.  Garland will only release your loved one from jail in exchange for "BAIL", which is money or surety that is held until all proceedings and trials are complete. There are four different types of bail that are available in Garland:
  • Cash Bail
  • Surety or Bail Bond - Most Popular
  • Release on Citation for Tickets (Cite Out)
  • Personal recognizance bail
            Bail assures that your loved one will show up for any court date.  If they don’t show up, a warrant for their arrest is issued and the bail bond is forfeited.  Trials begin weeks or months after an initial arrest is made, so bail is needed to avoid your loved one, who might be innocent, in being stuck in jail until their trial begins.  The amount and conditions of bail are supposed to reflect the risk that someone might not come back to court and avoid the likelihood of them committing new offenses and the severity of the crime charged.  So the amount of the bail bond is at the judge’s discretion.  Hiring a Garland Attorney before the bail amount is set can be considered a positive sign that a lower bond should be allowed.  In determining bail, a judge will consider the defendant’s criminal record (if any), his or her history of showing up for past court appearances, ties to the community, whether the suspect is a danger to others and any other concerns that may be raised by your attorney seeking a lower bail amount.
            To be released from jail, a bail bond amount must be set and then posted. Your loved one may see a magistrate who will set a bail bond amount or it may be necessary for an attorney to file for an “Attorney Writ[“Writ Bond”] to get the bail set. There can be a considerable delay before someone can be brought in front of a magistrate judge in order to have a bail bond set.  This can take hours or even days depending upon the Magistrate's hours and as a result, the person will have to sit in jail until the bond is set. The “Writ Bond” will reduce the amount of time spent in jail.  When an attorney files the Writ Bond, your loved one will not have to wait for a judge to set a bond amount.  The Attorney Writ Bond is a writ of "habeas corpus."  An arrested person has the legal right to see a magistrate judge within a reasonable amount of time.  If the Writ is filed, you can eliminate the need for having to sit in jail until you have the opportunity to see a magistrate judge to set the bond amount.  
            Posting a "Bail Bond" is a time honored way to secure release of a citizen until their trial or the dismissal of their case. These bail bonds are either cash or bail bonds posted with the Garland Jail for release of anyone arrested for misdemeanors or felonies in Garland. The city jail must work with the county sheriff before releasing your loved one from their jail. Often, prisoners are transferred to the Garland jail before being released and so bail is delayed until at least the next day.  In those cases, an Attorney Writ bond is required to get an immediate bond set.
            These bail bonds are either cash or surety posted with the Garland Jail to allow release of anyone arrested for misdemeanors or felonies in Garland. The various city jails must work with the Garland Jail before releasing your loved one from their jail. Often, prisoners are transferred to the Garland jail before being released.
            Bond can be set a handful of different ways.  If someone is arrested pursuant to an arrest warrant, then the warrant will usually have a bond amount already assigned.  In most cases, though, bond is set after the arrested person is taken to a magistrate judge who then sets the bond, but if no judge is available, then a lawyer may be able to get a bond posted.  Don't take chances with their future and remember the danger doesn't stop when you get them out of jail.  The amount of the bail bond that a defendant has to pay may vary from defendant to defendant, as other factors are taken into consideration, such as prior convictions, whether you have an attorney already and the information that your attorney provides to the court seeking a lower bond amount. Always consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney before posting a bail bond. The courts in Garland have unique policies and procedures that are difficult for many lawyers and bail bond agents to handle. Our Attorney provides both a bail bond and high quality, aggressive legal representation. We know Garland jails and courts, so we can provide much more cost effective legal and bail bond services to better protect your loved one.  So how do bail bonds work?  And what happens if the citizen does not return to court after being released on bail?
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Easy Bail Bonds

Our bail bond attorney understands the bail bonding process and knows what to do when you first get out of jail. We make it possible for all defendants to be able to afford to get out of jail, no matter what your financial situations. That's why we have customized payments plans with the lowest rates feasible for jail release and legal representation.  It is critical to hire a criminal attorney BEFORE posting bail.  

We provide top quality service in Dallas County and Collin County.for the most reasonable and fair price. Post a bail bond with us and you pay only a fraction of the amount required at the jail or courthouse. Further, part of your payment is used as an initial retainer for your legal defense. Why pay and have separate dealings with BOTH  a bail bond service and then pay attorney's fee when your payment can do both and be less than doing either one 
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